Aluminium Doors and frame cad drwaing

Aluminium Doors
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Here is another auto cad block form the web site. We hope these Doors cad drawings also will useful for you. You can use this cad file, cad symbol, cad drawing or cad block for front elevation, side elevation back elevation or section of your house plan. These Auto CAD files can be used in a wide range of versions (from 2004 version to latest versions). Anyway if you need to convert these blocks or plans please leave a comment to us. We are hoping to do what you always wanted.

So you can free download your selected cad block or house plan using the below link.

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Details of doors

Bronze powder-coated heavy-duty aluminum doors and frames. top panels to be double glazed with 6 mm thick plain okate glass and bottom panels to have 12 mm thick plywood lined with 1 mm thick aluminum sheets on both sides.
– 3 pairs – 102 mm x 76 mm aluminum hinges, 1 no – mortice sash lock, 2 pairs – 22mm Dia x 250mm P.S.S. pull handles, 2 nos – 250mm long flush bolts

Bronze powder-coated heavy-duty aluminum door and frame. Top panels to be double glazed with 6mm thick plain plate glass and bottom panel to have 12mm thick plywood lined with 1 mm thick aluminum sheets on both sides.

Ironmongery:- 1.5 pair – 102 mm aluminum butt hinges, 1 no – Mortice deadlock, 1 no – 250mm dia x 250 mm long door pull handle, 1 no – door closer ( If you need ), 1 no – doorstop ( If you need ), 1 no – Electric lock ( If you need )

44mm thick GRP molded door and frame complete with architraves. color to approval double-leaf bronze powder coated heavy duty aluminum louvered shutter. 2 nos – 200mm flush bolt, bronze powder-coated heavy-duty aluminum door frame.
Ironmongery:- 2 nos 1.5 pair – 102 mm P.S.S. ball bearing butt hinges, 1 no – mortice deadlock, 2 nos – 22 mm dia 250mm pull handle, 1 no – mortice sash lock with single turn operated over cylinder P.S.S., 1 pair 22 mm dia lever handles seton 170 x 170 x 3 mm thick P.S.S. backplates, 150 mm high P.S.S. kick plates ( 2 nos )
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