Plumbing Typical details Part 01

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Here are new Plumbing Typical Details form the We hope These Plumbing details will useful for every plumber, Engineers, foreman, and Quantity Surveyors, etc,. You can download this CAD file and PDF Drawing. This Auto CAD file can be used in a wide range of versions (from 2004 version to latest versions).



  1. Pipe sleeve thru floor slab
  2. Typical fixture connection detail thru wall
  3. Water supply/sewer line, below garden area/driveway
  4. Pipes passing through wall & concrete
  5. Water-resistant pipe sleeve
  6. Pipe penetration thru roof detail
  7. Downspout nozzle detail
  8. Detail of cleanout at a high level
  9. Pipe risers penetrating floor or roof slab
  10. Pipe sleeve thru wall
  11. Pipe sleeve in roof
  12. For PVC pipe crossing thru block wall
  13. Pipe thimble-type I
  14. Inspection chamber
  15. Concrete thrust block-details – 45°
  16. Trench detail
  17. Detail of pipe sleeve thru. Wall
  18. Pipe sleeve thru exterior wall or foundation wall (below grade)
  19. Pipe sleeve thru the floor
  20. Pipe sleeve thru interior wall (above grade)
  21. Thrust block detail at tee junction – (single)
  22. Splash block detail
  23. Soil and vent pipe thru wall and beam
  24. Concrete thrust block-details tee
  25. Detail of concrete splash block
  26. Detail of pipe sleeve
  27. Wall, floor and beam sleeve detail
  28. Pipe thimble-type ii
  29. Concrete thrust block-details – 90°
  30. Details of the catch basin
  31. Schedule of thrust block
  32. Thrust blocks
  33. Gate valve assembly ( 62 mm dia & smaller) valve chamber for underground pipes installation detail
  34. Pipes installation detail
  35. Valve box & water meter manhole detail
  36. Valve box (without meter)
  37. Soak away pit
  38. Valve chamber for underground water mains of 50mm and over
  39. Section of manhole
  40. Vent thru roof installation detail
  41. Gate valve with PVC valve box detail
  42. Valve box & water meter manhole detail
  43. Gate valve w/ concrete valve box detail
  44. Valve box manhole detail (without meter)
  45. External stop valve on entry pipe to building
  46. Tanker fill valve pit
  47. Thrust block detail at 45°-, 22 1/2° bend -(single)
  48. Soak away pit detail

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